Making a dream reality - New Horizon Escapes - part 2

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So we had everything ready, the website was in place, the villa was booked, the retreat was organised, we just needed customers.

Now, if you've ever done business before, you'll know that the hardest part of any business is finding customers. So off we went to start spreading news of our retreat to all of our friends and family ( let's be real, everyone's first customer is either a friend or a family member ).

Things were really tough, we were trying to sell a product at a price that people are not used to spending. Currently our retreats start from as little as £1500, but at the time we priced ourselves way too low, just so we can get our first customers through the door. It makes me laugh when I look back and think about it all now :) 

New Horizon Escapes thailand

So here we are socialising and networking, trying our hardest to find customers. We found 3 in a couple of months, we slashed our prices to cost price for the first retreat so we can use it as our testing ground. We just needed to show people what we're about before we could win them over.

We had 3 months to go, and we were getting very desperate, we weren't sure we will make it. We couldn't go to Thailand to run a retreat of 3 people, that would've been devastating. 

After a few more weeks of spreading word out there and talking passionately about our vision, we had 8 people.

8 people said yes to our crazy adventure and flew out to Thailand with us for a week of sun, fun and adventure.

Hiking on Koh Tao island

Looking back at it all, and thinking about that week away, gives me goosebumps still. The guys were such a great bunch, they all became friends and are still friends and do regular meet ups up to this date. 

You see the idea was to bring people together as strangers, so they could all go away as friends. Today, we have customers joining us from all over the world, people from different countries connect and become friends. That's what we love about New Horizon the most, we want to bring everyone together, so they can hopefully travel to each others country one day and visit each other. 

I'm forever grateful to our first ever customers. They gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves and to serve them. That allowed us to learn, make mistakes, improve and keep going.

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The business is still relatively new, we have already done 7 retreats and we have 8 just in 2018 alone. I'm more excited than I've been before. This business has allowed us to travel, to live in Thailand and to dream wild. It connected us with influential people within the industry and allowed us to expand even further.

Please remember, every little step will take you closer to something big in life. Just because today your dream didn't become true, it doesn't mean that tomorrow it wont.

You need to have patience and allow time to do its thing. Have the idea ready in mind, dream about it day and night, and it will manifest itself. It's how the Universe works - I PROMISE. 

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